Tournoi BTB International

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Tournoi BTB International

Message par KFR Tepec Fett le Jeu 22 Déc 2011 - 16:31

Salut messieurs,

Je me permets de vous relayer une information susceptible d'intéresser certaines équipes qui se sont présentées chez nous : il s'agit d'un petit tournoi international de BTB, organisé par Autumn Forge (une petite communauté américaine), en février prochain.

Un petit résumé de ce qui se dit :
- ne pas refaire les mêmes erreurs que HaloCharts (logique) ;
- si assez de "teams européennes" (vous en fait :mrgreen: ), brackets USA/Europe séparés avant la finale ;
- se jouera sur un seul weekend (date définitive à venir) ;
- modes et maps ;
- devront s'inscrire sur le forum de Autumn Forge uniquement les capitaines d'équipe.

Autumn Forge Big Team Battle Breakthrough Tournament
"Lo Que Sea, Cuando Sea, Donde Sea"

You're Invited!
Autumn Forge prides itself on making an expressed committment to uphold the notions of sportsmanship and respect for one’s opponents.
While this is a competitive tournament Autumn Forge tournaments will always be about clans and communitites coming together to play with people that share our common purpose to promote longevity and friendship in gaming.

-This is a Big Team Battle Tournament - Halo Reach
-Each round will be a "Best of 3"
-All Autumn Forge Tournaments are free
-The BTB Breakthrough Tournament will be open to the first 16 teams that sign up.

However, we will also invite European teams to join us. If we get at least 8 Euro teams we will have a North American bracket and a European bracket. If we are able to have both brackets we will crown both a N.A. Champion and a Euro Champion. We will end the tournament with a Championship match to decide the World Champion between the two winners. However, this is only if there are a minimum 8 Euro teams to fill a second bracket.

Basic Rules
-Roster can consist of a max total of 16 players (8 players/8 alts). You are not required to have can actually have 8, but you must make sure all 8 can play. Players can be substituted between games and/or matches. You will be allowed to alter your roster until January 30, 2012 at midnight
-8 players are required for all matches. If you are unable to field 8 players for a match you will be required to forfeit
-Each team is required to have a captain. The captain is responsible for communication between opposing team's captains, getting team ready, and also making sure the roster is complete with each member's Gamer Tag. The Captain must be registered on the Autumn Forge site and make an intro.
-Team Captains or a team member must post match results in the official bracket/schedule thread
-Maps are required to play in this tournament. You are responsible for getting the required maps when the map list is posted. An alt is required if a player does not have a specific map for a specific round
-Only members on the official team rosters will be allowed to play. If a team uses a player not on the roster they will be forced to forfeit that particular match
-No cheating, glitching, or modding of any kind will be tolerated. If a participant is found to have been cheating they will not be allowed to participate in a future Autumn Forge and their team will be forced to forfeit the round. Again...we wish to have competitive tournaments, but take sportsmanship and respect for one’s opponents seriously. We do not rage quit after a tough loss, but tell the other team "good game" in the lobby afterwards....
-abusive comments in the forum or chatbox will not be tolerated. In extreme cases, teams will be kicked out of the tournament for their behavior in the chatbox/forum. Everyone knows the rules and expectations before entering. It is up to the captains to convey this to their team

Game Rules-Gametypes feature 85% Bloom TU Settings
All rules/weapons/spawns/etc. will be observed for each game type.
-Big Team Slayer (first team to 100)
-One Flag CTF (4 rounds)
-Multi Flag CTF (3 points to win)
-One Bomb
-Neutral Bomb
***If there is a tie after 3 rounds, there will be a fourth round of Big Team Slayer for the tiebreaker***
Important Time/Dates
-The Tournament is scheduled for Friday, February 3rd and Saturday, February 4, 2012.
-First and Second Winners Bracket round matches are tentatively scheduled Friday, February 3rd. Loser's Bracket schedules will be updated when the list of teams entered is closer to being finalized.
-Registration Deadling - Monday, January 30, 2012

Schedule (tentative)
Winners Bracket
First Round - Friday, February 3 - 8:00PM CST
Second Round - Friday, February 3 - 10:00PM CST
Semifinal Round - Saturday, February 4 -
Finals - Saturday, February 4 -

Losers Bracket
First Round - Friday, February 3 - 10:00PM CST
Second Round - Saturday, February 4 -
Third Round - Saturday, February 4 -
Fourth Round - Saturday, February 4 -
Fifth Round - Saturday, February 4 -
***Matches can start earlier if both teams are present and agree***

Official "go times" will be set in stone on the final schedule. Teams will have a 10 minute wait period to wait for players who are late on the opposing teams. If the opposing team does not have 8 players after the 10 minute wait period it will result in a forfeit. With this being a two day event it is crucial that team play their matches on time in each round.

Bracket will be updated after each round on the Autumn Forge forum

**Losers Bracket will be posted after determining how many teams have entered**

-Ribbon/Medal for being the Champions of the AF BTB Breakthrough Tournament
-Championship banner

Thank You

A special thank you to for offering their assistance in the use of gametypes, maps, and all around help.
If you're a Halo BTB team you must check them out!

-Feel free to PM IFx DDay, monster, or metal fox with any questions

Bonne continuation à vous,


KFR Tepec Fett

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Re: Tournoi BTB International

Message par Saurus le Jeu 22 Déc 2011 - 20:22

Trés intéréssant je vais en parler à ma Team.


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